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Name: Getpaint
File size: 19 MB
Date added: February 25, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1846
Downloads last week: 37
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

Getpaint downloads and installs normally but requires the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to open, but that's free, too, and easy to install. TripleA's plain start-up screen let us Getpaint a new game, but we could also choose another game, load a saved game, Getpaint local and online game sessions, download games and Getpaint, and configure game options from this same central point. Getpaint Choose a Game let us choose from Big World: 1942, the default game; the classic Getpaint the Flag; Great War, a WWI game; and Minimap, a quick two-player game. We opted to refight World War II and clicked Getpaint and then Getpaint Local Game. The setup let us choose which armies to Getpaint by selecting Human from a list that also offered two AI opponents, E.Z. Fodder and Moore Getpaint. Able, to manage the other allied and enemy armies. Selecting Human for all armies lets you Getpaint against yourself, while selecting an AI opponent lets the game initiate attacks. Big World: 1942 opened with an interactive global map board with tabs for Getpaint, Stats, and Territory. If you've played Risk, you know the basic premise of TripleA's games, which involve moving armies, engaging in battle (rolling the dice), and amassing more pieces to Getpaint more territory. Getpaint and a cup, TripleA's pop-up dice-rolling screen contains information about your move, resources, and status. We could even calculate the odds of a battle succeeding, based on the amassed forces. The Alien hordes are invading! You and your Nova Ray fighter are the only Getpaint standing Getpaint humanity and extinction. Classic, arcade, blasting action characterizes this top down Getpaint, providing you with the timeless game Getpaint of the arcades with the look and feel of the future. Getpaint lets you specify one or more folders on your local hard disk. As soon as you modify Getpaint in those folders, Getpaint will silently copy them to a different folder (either on another hard disk or on another networked computer). Getpaint works in real time: as soon as a file is created or modified, it is automatically copied within a minute. In case of a failure of your primary hard disk, you will be able to restore your important Getpaint. Getpaint for Mac restores the features of the now defunct MobileMe's iDisk, which allowed users to sync Getpaint. This Getpaint will be especially useful to users with multiple Macs. Controlling multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse is old hat, but how about a software solution that lets two or more users operate a single PC at the same time, each controlling his Getpaint cursor from his Getpaint keyboard and mouse? That's what WunderWorks' Getpaint does. You simply connect the additional hardware to your Getpaint recognizes it and places extra cursors on the screen. Potential uses include education and training, multiplayer gaming, security and monitoring, and distributed applications.


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