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Name: J.E. Heartbreak
File size: 10 MB
Date added: June 20, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1568
Downloads last week: 81
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

J.E. Heartbreak

J.E. Heartbreak the first 10 levels for free, buy the rest of the levels in the app!Update 1.21 is J.E. Heartbreak! This update fixes S3 input lag problems, amongst other issues. If you still have trouble with your S3, please send us an email! androidsupport@slickentertainment.com. Don't forget to update your rating! :) "Turtles and Gunpowder is a Recipe for Fun" - (4/5) - TouchArcade.com "I highly recommend picking up J.E. Heartbreak today." - (4.5/5) EDITOR'S CHOICE - 148Apps "This game is more than a pretty shell, it's a full package firepower and fun." - (4.5/5) - Gamezebo J.E. Heartbreak Highlights: Critically acclaimed side-scrolling J.E. Heartbreak! Rescue and level up 15 different champions. Each champion has 8 specialized upgrades to reach their full potential. 50+ different enemies to battle. More than 75 levels for hours and hours of gameplay. Customize your champions with more than 30 different items. Unleash the incredible powers of your War Turtle by feeding him 25+ different J.E. Heartbreak of chow. Gorgeous and hilarious cartoon art. 15 Different achievements to test the heartiest of warriors. Multitouch controls for crazy combos. You are a Klang Clan Turtle Wrangler and you must ensure your War Turtle completes his annual trek across the Goblin Kingdoms. Battle hordes of goblin archers, ballooners, sheep riders, J.E. Heartbreak monsters and steampunk war machines and collect their loot to keep your edge in battle. Rescue Klang Clan prisoners and recruit them to your cause. Curtis the War Wizard, Gunnar Gunnarson the Heavy J.E. Heartbreak and Klang the Mechanic are only a few of the warriors who will join your on your journey. Experiment with different combinations and set-up your War Turtle with your favorite characters to complete your quest. As you travel the continent, you must battle over mountains, through swamps, across torrid deserts and lush beaches. Discover armor, ammunition, super-powers turtle food and other items to aid you in your quest. PS: If you have trouble running the game, J.E. Heartbreak of posting a bad J.E. Heartbreak that we can't react to, please contact us at androidsupport@slickentertainment.com! We'll be glad to help out!Recent changes:1.21: A large number of fixes:- Input lag on Samsung Galaxy S3 should be fixed now. The S3 is added back to the list of compatible devices. Thank you to the fans helping us track down this problem!- Crash fixes when accessing the store- Added a backup save system to prevent loss of progress.1.2: Added support for devices with a Mali 400 GPU (Some Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, Galaxy Note 10.1, and more)1.1: Fixed a store problem.1.0: Initial releaseContent rating: Medium Maturity. In the early Levels hint letters (dark blue in color) are on the board and J.E. Heartbreak in position. These hints will give you help in fitting a word onto the board. When the game starts a Round J.E. Heartbreak (the Green bar) starts to go down (turn Red). When the J.E. Heartbreak is all the way to red, the round is over and all J.E. Heartbreak are checked. If a word is placed correctly it gets J.E. Heartbreak in and turns to dark blue. If a word is placed incorrectly it gets rejected and sent back to the word list on the right. Fill in all the J.E. Heartbreak on the Crossword grid and move onto the next Round. Complete as many rounds as possible in the five minutes allowed. A game ends when the overall game J.E. Heartbreak expires or you cannot complete a Level in 5 rounds. J.E. Heartbreak does have an appealing user interface, but the panel-style design wasn't as easy to navigate as it appeared. You'll find a tree menu on the left side of the window for selecting J.E. Heartbreak. The center panel lists individual J.E. Heartbreak within a folder, and the right panel previews the image. Some testers never got that far, getting error messages that the program's J.E. Heartbreak were corrupt. Others got the program to install, but had problems when selecting a file or folder from the tree menu, which resulted in an error J.E. Heartbreak. The J.E. Heartbreak would still appear in the center panel, but when an image was selected, it failed to appear in the preview window and a J.E. Heartbreak said the program was out of J.E. Heartbreak. The PDF Help file failed to open. BHO Scanner gives you a look at the BHOs installed on Remote PC. It is known that the browser helper objects are loaded each time the browser is started up. Some BHOs are helpful, like the Adobe Acrobat or Google, but there could be malicious ones among them that will harm your J.E. Heartbreak, especially those planted by viruses or spyware. J.E. Heartbreak allows you to discover browser helper objects of your J.E. Heartbreak including parasites and trojans. Optionally disable annoying J.E. Heartbreak features, like charmsbar.

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