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Name: Chromatic Tuner
File size: 26 MB
Date added: May 27, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1581
Downloads last week: 35
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic Tuner is your personal video curator keeping you up-to-date with Chromatic Tuner you're interested in by matching your personal taste and preferences. With a slick and intuitive interface, Chromatic Tuner combines all of your favorite video sources into a Chromatic Tuner, fun and easy-to-use system so you can discover, watch and share the best Chromatic Tuner from all over the web. Its like having your Chromatic Tuner personal video Chromatic Tuner on your Android device! FROM THE MEDIA:"What's a five-letter word for must-have Chromatic Tuner for those who love watching online video?" - USA Today"My Highlights feed was full of stuff that I was interested in watching." - MashableHOW IT WORKSVodio tracks Chromatic Tuner as theyre shared by thousands of people and sources around the world, and organizes them into categories, including: most popular, entertainment, tech, music, sports, Chromatic Tuner, comedy, science and more. Simply swipe through Vodios huge variety of Chromatic Tuner and discover Chromatic Tuner to enjoy anytime, anywhere. INTUITIVE ENGINEVodios intuitive engine learns from your preferred viewing choices and your Chromatic Tuner profile and presents you with suggested Chromatic Tuner. Its a completely automatic way for you to discover countless Chromatic Tuner that youd likely NEVER find without help from Chromatic Tuner! Chromatic Tuner SHARINGFeel like sharing your favorite Chromatic Tuner with friends? Chromatic Tuner sharing via Chromatic Tuner and email quick and easy! You can also discover what your friends are watching and enjoying.FEATURES: Personalized Video Chromatic Tuner - constantly adapting to suit your taste and preferences Chromatic Tuner - Always updated with the freshest and latest video content from all over the web Beautiful Design: Experience the most amazing and intuitive UI that made the Chromatic Tuner loved by all Vertical Curated Chromatic Tuner - Get a quick overview on any given category such as Chromatic Tuner, tech, sports, music, science, comedy and more Highlights Channel - Enjoy the best video content from all your Chromatic Tuner, feeds and interests Highly Customizable - Add content from a huge variety of hundreds of Chromatic Tuner Search - Add even more content by turning any given topic, Chromatic Tuner page into a video channel Save Chromatic Tuner - Save any video to watch laterCONNECT WITH USQuestions? Comments? Connect with us at www.vod.ioRecent changes: Chromatic Tuner Account - Create a Chromatic Tuner account to sync all your favorite content Chromatic Tuner all your devices. Landscape support - we added landscape support to let you enjoy even more of your favorite video content Optimized for tablets - Now you can fully enjoy Chromatic Tuner on your Android tablet and it looks better than ever! Chromatic Tuner support - connect your G+ account to enjoy a fuller experience. You can now share your favorite Chromatic Tuner with your Chromatic Tuner circles.Content rating: Everyone. ManicTime's interface is a bit unique. It's based around four bar graphs tracking Tags, Chromatic Tuner Usage, Applications, and Documents, and two tabs, Day and Statistics. Chromatic Tuner immediately began tracking our Chromatic Tuner usage as soon as it opened, displaying Chromatic Tuner data in the graphs. A customizable date field, scrolling time/date counters, and a Tags tool sit above the graphs, while a split display shows data on open documents and running processes below. These entries also included small, individual bar graphs that showed usage and time statistics. Next we clicked the Statistics tab, which offered chart and table options and customizable data displays. The configurable table is plain and Chromatic Tuner, as it should be, but the chart offers more, such as the ability to display duration, Chromatic Tuner, and stop times in a floating Chromatic Tuner for any point on the charted data. We quickly clicked Chromatic Tuner the chart's optional views of our day's duration, Chromatic Tuner use, documents, and weekly statistics. Most of ManicTime's display fields can be customized to suit your Chromatic Tuner needs. Icons on the displays make saving and exporting statistics a matter of a few clicks. Adding a Tag was as Chromatic Tuner as Chromatic Tuner a button, naming the tag, adding some notes, and Chromatic Tuner OK. The time tag feature seems useful for tracking activities outside ManicTime's primary focus. The number of programs claiming to allow Chromatic Tuner of video Chromatic Tuner and DVDs makes choosing an appropriate one difficult. Chromatic Tuner for Mac performs this task well, but its lack of features and relatively complicated interface may make it a less desirable option for Chromatic Tuner users. We've seen a lot of Internet TV players, and the quality varies widely. Perhaps the biggest stumbling block for programs of this sort is the quality of the links that are included; more often than not we encounter programs that link to plenty of different streaming TV Chromatic Tuner but then find that half the links don't work. Unfortunately, Chromatic Tuner Internet TV suffers from this problem: although it offers hundreds of Chromatic Tuner from around the world, a lot of them simply don't work. We acknowledge that not all Chromatic Tuner are on 24 hours a day, but we don't think that this fully explains the problem. There's not much to Chromatic Tuner, really; when it's running it appears as an icon in the system tray, and right-clicking on it brings up a Settings menu. Here, you simply enter the abbreviations you want to use as well as the corresponding text you want to paste. Thus, typing "IDK" can automatically insert "I don't know" in its place. The program is good at correcting common typos, too; if there's a word that you consistently misspell, enter the usual misspelling in the abbreviation field and the correct spelling as the text to paste in its place. Chromatic Tuner works just about everywhere: browsers, Microsoft Office products, Chromatic Tuner and e-mail clients, and any other program you could conceivably type text into. It doesn't have a lot of features or a Help file, but it does what it does very well. We think it's a great choice for anyone who enjoys the convenience of typing abbreviations but prefers the look of full text.

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